12 Curly Questions with author Emma Quay

Emma Quay, illustrator and author - www.emmaquay.com

Gosh, the team at Kids’ Book Review really know how to ask a question… and I know, because I’ve just answered twelve of them!

Some of the questions required answers of a limited number of words (so much trickier than it sounds, which of course any writer of picture books will be quick to tell you!). I’ll pop the link to the whole interview below, but for now here is my brief response to question four… and (by contrast) my short story for question ten, just to whet your appetite!

4. Describe your writing style in ten words. 

Delighting in the ordinary, with buoyant, singsong wordplay and imagery.

10. What/who made you start writing? 

All the ways I observed language being used sparely, creatively and wittily: in the picture books, joke books and poetry collections of my childhood, in our playground chants at school, in cartoon captions and speech bubbles, in folk songs around the campfire, in the playful riffs of The Two Ronnies… and because I realised words could add meaning to the pictures I’d been drawing since I was tiny.

Many thanks to Kids’ Book Review, for challenging me to think about my writing and where it comes from, for all the other author interviews which were fantastic reading… and also for the lovely review of My Sunbeam Baby.


Emma Quay, picture book illustrator and author - www.emmaquay.com

12 Curly Questions

with author Emma Quay

Kids' Book Review, 25 November 2018

Kids' Book Review, 25 November 2018

This delightful new picture book from the talented Emma Quay is bright and fun, yet tender and sensitive. It reminds us how special babies are to us, showing the genuine joy a baby brings and the power of the love you feel for that baby.

The simple rhyming story is perfect for reading aloud with young children. It cheekily plays on the idea that all parents think their baby is the most special, but of course, if your baby is special to you, that’s all that matters anyway.

If babies were sunbeams,
shining round the sun,
this little baby, in my eyes,
would be the brightest one.

The gorgeous illustrations are so perfect for the story, bright and happy, yet also soft and gentle. The yellow, orange and blue tones throughout give a light-hearted feel and keep the link to the sun that starts the story off.

I love the multitude of little babies dancing around the sun, flying high in the sky and growing as flowers. Their little faces all exquisite in their own unique ways, with rosy cheeks, sweet smiles and peaceful slumbers. Each has its own personality shining through, showing that with all the diversity of babies, each is special in its own way. They are so adorable, you can’t help but fall in love with them!

This is such a charming book that will make for a special reading experience between parent and child. It would be a perfect gift for any new parent!
— Kids' Book Review, November 2018

ABC Books, October 2018

  • You can ask for My Sunbeam Baby at your local bookshop, or order it from Booktopia or from Amazon


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