PAPER PLATE SUNS: a kids' craft activity for Book Week


The sun is shining inside my studio this week, with radiant sunbeam babies smiling down at me from the ceiling. Such a happy sight!

I had so much fun reading My Sunbeam Baby and making paper plate suns with local children these holidays, and I’m now enjoying the last of the sunshine because they’ll soon be brightening up a Book Week display.

Making a paper plate sun | MY SUNBEAM BABY by Emma Quay | A book-related activity for Book Week |

In response to your requests for book-related craft activity ideas, I’ve popped the instructions below. The suns are really simple to make, and it was lovely seeing how each child interpreted the project so differently.

Do let me know if you make a little sunshine too — I’d love to hear how it goes!


How to make a paper plate sun…

Making a paper plate sun: a book-related activity for Book Week | MY SUNBEAM BABY by Emma Quay (ABC Books)

You will need

  • a paper plate

  • a baby photograph (5 x 7 inches)

  • yellow paint

  • coloured craft paper (pink/orange/yellow/red) — we painted and sponged patterns onto our paper beforehand

  • glue & glue spreader

  • paper confetti and/or coloured matchsticks

  • double-sided tape (we used decorators’ mounting tape)

  • gift ribbon

  • a circular lid or plate to draw around, with approx. 5 inch diameter

  • a paint brush

  • scissors

  • a hole punch


  1. Paint your plate yellow

  2. Cut strips from coloured paper for the rays of the sun

  3. Glue radiating paper rays to the edges of the plate

  4. Glue on paper confetti, matchsticks etc.

  5. Allow glue to dry

  6. Take baby photo and draw around a circular plate or lid as a guide for cutting, making sure the baby’s face is contained within its circumference (we found a take-away container or pasta sauce lid was the perfect size for a 5 x 7 inch photo)

  7. Cut circle from the photo

  8. Tape baby photo circle to centre of paper plate sun

  9. Punch a hole in the top edge of paper plate, thread through gift ribbon and tie off

  10. String the sun up from the ceiling, and bask in its glory!

The activity can be used as part of the exploration of Personal and Family Histories, in Early Stage 1. After reading My Sunbeam Baby, we chatted about its themes of babyhood, identity, change and growth.

Many thanks to my lovely demonstrator, Ginger, who was so keen she made two beautiful suns!

"If babies were sunbeams, shining round the sun..." illustration by Emma Quay from My Sunbeam Baby