Good Night, Me

Putting pencil and paint to paper: see the illustrations in progress for Good Night, Me


This is Andrew Daddo’s manuscript – the first I saw of Good Night, Me. As soon as I began to read the text, pictures started to come into my head so I scribbled them in the margins, without really thinking about what they looked like. These sketches were just for me, so I’d remember my ideas – like a kind of Shorthand (I never thought anyone would see them!).

Looking back at those scribbled ideas, I can see how close some of them are to the final illustrations in the book.



In the autumn of 2004, I worked on all the pencil roughs for Good Night, Me during a residential fellowship at Varuna, The National Writers’ House in The Blue Mountains. The uninterrupted time to work and concentrate in Eleanor Dark’s garden studio meant I got lots done in the three weeks I was there.

When the pencil roughs were finished and approved by my editor Mark Macleod and by Andrew, it was time to do the final illustrations. Back home in my studio, I’m using my lightbox to help me trace the outlines in pencil.


I painted the illustrations in acrylics and watercolours on blue tinted watercolour paper. My colour palette for Good Night, Me was very limited – I’d decided I wanted the background of the pictures to be a deepening purple colour. The orange of the orang-utans’ fur is on the opposite side of the colour wheel, so I hoped the combination would create a nice ‘zing’ on the page.

And, many layers of paint later, here are the finished artworks.