My Sketchbook

Will you have your nose in a book this weekend? #emmaquaysketchbook

Talking about diversity in children’s books #emmaquaysketchbook

Creativity at Family Day, Carriageworks, NSW #emmaquaysketchbook

'Curator' — Sunday morning at the art gallery; Sunday afternoon on Instagram! #emmaquaysketchbook

Emma Quay, illustrator -

Expressive toes on my morning walk #emmaquaysketchbook

The Easter Bunny sorting through his records #emmaquaysketchbook

Children’s books are my cup of tea #emmaquaysketchbook

I've eaten the kids' Easter eggs again! #emmaquaysketchbook

Wattle pompom #emmaquaysketchbook

Rebecca Servadio’s footwear, drawn at the VIPs Industry Forum #emmaquaysketchbook

A drawing wearing an illustration. #emmaquaysketchbook

Her favourite colour (Chartreuse) #emmaquaysketchbook

Children need to see themselves in the books they read #emmaquaysketchbook

Today, I've been playing with scissors #emmaquaysketchbook

Emma Quay, illustrator -

Beautiful words from Eric Carle, creator of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’:

Ever since I was very young, as far back as I can remember, I have loved making pictures. I knew even as a child that, when I grew up, I would be an artist of some kind. The lovely feeling of my pencil touching paper, a crayon making a star shape in my sketchbook, or my brush dipping into bright and colorful paints — these things affect me as joyfully today as they did all those years ago.
— Eric Carle